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Boys Muli-talented Body spray


A multi-purpose, deodorising spray that’s truly awesome at tackling bad smells. Gentle enough to be used on young skin, powerful enough to take on stinky trainers, our naturals-packed Body Spray uses a boy-friendly blend of mighty essential oils. Neem Extract and cedarwood are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powerhouses that stop odour-causing bacteria in its tracks. Lavender and spearmint are clean-smelling and calming on delicate skin. Spray it onto your body before dressing and after sport (or anytime you need to smell straight-out-of-the-shower fresh!). Or spritz inside smelly shoes and sports bags. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse well with warm water.

Details :

Size: 125ml/4.30 fl. Oz

What is it? : A great-smelling deodoriser in an easy-to-use spray.

How to use : Spritz it onto your body when you step out of the shower. Then reapply throughout the day whenever sport/hormones/general funkiness threaten to make you smell less than fresh. Can be spritzed onto sweaty trainers, shoes, sports bags, kit, laundry baskets…even car seats. There’s nothing it won’t make smell good!

If it does get in your eyes, rinse well with warm water.

Key ingredients

Neem Extract – an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal big gun, rich in healing vitamin C and E. It’s been used throughout history as a serious, medicinal oil.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – an anti-oxidant-packed juice that gently soothes, moisturises and reduces inflammation.

Lavender – the tried-and-true oil that does it all: anti-bacterial, antiseptic, calming and cleansing…

Cedarwood – an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal powerhouse that soothes dry skin.

Spearmint – antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Bonus: it smells fresh and delicious.

Please do get in touch if you need more details of ingredients etc